Ephor is the Expertisecentre PHarmacotherapy in OldeR people.

The mission of Ephor is to improve appropriate prescribing to older patients.

Ephor investigates efficient methods for optimizing polyfarmacy with the digital STRIP-assistant. This instrument will be studied on an European level (OPERAM study).

Ephor has made several evidence-based medicines reports for the treatment of frail patients.

Ephor has developed a polypharmacy module in the e-learning method Pscribe for teaching.

The website of Ephor contains several products, articles, abstracts, posters etc. These are all free to download.

Ephor is made possible bij a grant from ZonMw (projectnr:11.31040.01) and is funded by the Dutch government (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport).

The core team of Ephor consists of:

  • Daily management committee: Dr. W. Knol, chairwoman, Dr. E. van Poelgeest, secretary/treasurer, Prof. dr. A.C.G. Egberts, general committee member, Drs. S. van Haren Noman, general committee member
  • Pharmacists: Dr. B. Sallevelt, Dr. I. Wilting, Drs. A. Warman, Drs. H. Verlinden
  • Clinicians: Dr. C.J.P.W. Keijsers, Prof. dr. R. van Marum, Dr. M. Lafeber, Drs. C.E. Stein, Dr. R.M. Kok, Drs. S. Moerman


Supporting team members: Drs. J. Woudstra, Dr. H.J.M.J.. Crijns