Adverse drug reactions in older people

In British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (BJCP) the following article has been published: ‘Do emergency visits due to adverse drug reactions look different in older people? Results from the ADRED study’. Authors aimed to characterise the phenotype of adverse drug reactions in older patients. Confusion, deAhydration and bradycardia were more likely seen in older adults. Read the article under the heading ‘Articles’ on this website or use this link.

Two Ephor medals granted

Two ephor medals were granted during the Dutch Geriatric congress in ‘s Hertogenbosch on 6 February.

The Ephor medal 2019 was granted to prof. dr. Denis O’Mahony at the Dutch Geriatric Congress on 6 February. Denis O’Mahony is a renowned Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine in Cork. He and his colleagues devised and validated the STOPP/START criteria, criteria for inappropriate prescribing in older people, which are now widely used in several countries. He currently works on the SENATOR-trial, a cluster randomized clinical trial of a software intervention aimed at minimizing adverse drug reactions and costs. At the congress, he presented the first results.

Prof. dr. Denis O’Mahony and dr. Wilma Knol with the medal

The Ephor medal 2020 was granted to prof. dr Koos Brouwers. Since the foundation of Ephor, he contributed to the foundation in several ways. He initiated and wrote many articles on behalf of Ephor, and gave many lectures. Hij was a board member for several years and after that, he remained involved as a core group member. Ephor is very grateful for his exceptional contribution to the foundation.

Prof. dr. Koos Brouwers

The Ephor medal is granted to persons with exceptional contribution to research, awareness and knowledge about farmacotherapy in older patients in the last five years. On behalf of the Ephor core members: congratulations!